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SPORT4ONTARIO provides the collaborative environment, knowledge and resources to build capacity and drive leadership excellence in the Ontario sport community through education, advocacy, interaction, research and innovation.
SPORT4ONTARIO creates member value and benefits that contribute to a stronger sport community for all Ontarians.
SPORT4ONTARIO, incorporated in 1998 as The Provincial Sport Organizations Council, is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to the promotion of sport and physical activity in Ontario.
SPORT4ONTARIO has been setting the tone for accountability within the non-profit sport sector as well as accountability to the sector since 1998.
As a function of building capacity, SPORT4ONTARIO remains a strong voice to both funding partners and government.  Our growing network of members reaches all aspects of the non-profit sport sector and our ability to respond to and engage with the sport sector as a collective makes membership with SPORT4ONTARIO a valuable and essential part of effective sport management and advocacy.
Understanding the complexities of the non-profit sport sector is not an easy task unless you are fully immersed in it. SPORT4ONTARIO assists government in understanding the concerns of the sport sector with respect to policy, programming, capacity and funding. We speak with the collective voice of the sport sector and act as an agent for change.

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